Your Tea Review


Tea-toxs are all the rave today. I have tried other brands and have not noticed a difference. I tried the Your Tea 14 day teatox and absolutely loved it- I ordered my second box.  I like how there is no preparation, they come in tea bags already. When you have a busy schedule like I do- I just put a couple of them in my bag and I am set for the day. I like my tea black and bitter. I do not mind the taste but I know some of my friends have opt for some honey in their tea. I like this company because they have a variety of tea- some for energy, pain, fertility, etc. 

My main goal for taking this tea is to help with my bloating. I always feel so bloated and a ton of pressure in my stomach. This tea has been great for helping with my bloating. Combined with exercise and healthy diet, I see a more defined stomach. If you want to hear more about them or order yours today go to:


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