What inspires you?

I have definitely hit a rut with my blog and Instagram. I feel less inclined to post and less inspired to push myself lately. I had someone close to me tell me I am clearly not passionate about it anymore, even with encouragement and willingness of this person to help me do better. These words really sunk in and had me questioning: “Am I really no longer passionate about blogging anymore?”

I had to sit back and reflect. I definitely took a step back especially this spring and summer because I wanted to focus on my personal growth. I took time to heal and find myself again which I have shared little insights with you a few times already. Even with this new found confidence, I find myself not posting. If I am too tired or even get the thought of not posting, I end up not posting. Sometimes I think it could be that I am just too critical of the pictures, or I find my inner dialogue saying: “what is the point since Instagram’s algorithm has changed and I find myself losing more followers than gaining.” I am very guilty of being in my head so much. I know overthinking/over-analyzing is a flaw of mine. I try everyday to overcome this and to let every just be and flow.

I have been blessed with what blogging has brought me. I will never discount that. Even this weekend as I was trying to organize my glam room and all of the things sent to me. To be fortunate enough to have an abundance of beauty products and to be able to give the things I do not need to my friends and family is such an honour.

Today on my commute to work I look back on my Instagram and how my style, posts and themes have changed so much throughout the years. I remember last year, I made a blogging bucket list that I wanted to experience and I hit them all: start a YouTube channel, create hair tutorials every month, go on my first brand trip and attend fashion week. I wouldn’t say I am not passionate anymore but I am a bit lost. However, I have every intention to find my way again. No one can really help with inspiration but yourself. So as I find my inspiration, passion and drive again, I would love it if you share with me: what inspires you to keep going?


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  1. Jim
    October 9, 2018 / 9:57 pm

    I love your openness and learning more about you and not just the visual. Your outer beauty definitely comes from the abundant inner beauty you have. Keep up both the great work you do on IG and your blog. I fucking love it 😘