staying motivated

Like everyone else I struggle with getting motivated and staying motivated. I do not know about you guys but beginning of 2019 I was so hype and motivated to achieve all these goals. Well now its almost April and I can say I lost my motivation.

It is about a certain mindset and really pushing yourself when you want to give up. It is a habit you have to get into and not breaking it until it becomes a routine. It comes in waves I like to think and with me personally, is part of how I am feeling that day. It is ok to have days where you don’t want to do something or take a break. It’s all about moderation and making sure your emotional and mental well-being is in tact first and foremost.

Things I do to try to keep the motivation is:

  1. Daily affirmations: I actually write it down in a note on my phone. I read these affirmations and when I need a reminder to keep going or what my goals are.
  2. Daily pep talk: I am always talking to myself. Having that inner dialogue with myself to keep pushing or a ‘staff meeting’ with myself. Trust me I have many throughout the day
  3. Write things down. I put everything on my calendar or a to-do list. I am so big on seeing things visually and maybe I have an obsession with ticking things off on a to-do list. Feels amazing accomplishing a goal, even though it is so small.
  4. Set reasonable goals for yourself. It’s great to have a list but doesn’t mean you have to check everything the same day. Even if I do 1-3 small things I feel accomplished and more motivated to continue to work on the rest.

What do you do to stay motivated?


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