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“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

It had been an incredible month spending time with my family. I remember so much from my childhood in the Philippines. I only lived there until I was 4 years-old but I have so many vivid memories, insight of the way of life and how my parents persevered to give me and my sister a better future by moving to Canada 24 years ago. I remember riding the jeepney going to the market (palengke in our native Filipino language) with my dad, going to school with my little white and red uniform.  I remember the beautiful mountainside, how scary and loud thunderstorms can be and how the way of life was hard but the people were still happy. I remember packing up our tiny home to go to Canada. I remember begging my dad to bring the big teddy bear he gave my mom as a gift when I was born. I remember driving in the back of my uncle’s jeep as we drove away towards the airport and how much my mom cried as we were driving off. It is so hard to believe that 4-year-old me knew how heart-wrenching it was for my parents to say goodbye to this beautiful country they called home, but I did. I still remember living in my Aunt’s basement when we first moved to Canada and my mom crying herself to sleep for months because she missed home so much.

My sister and I really wanted to go on this family trip together to see where we grew up, where my parents met and fell and love and of course to bond as a family. My parents have only gone back home when someone has passed away and never explored around the islands. So, this was another great reason to go on vacation there.

My family and I have always been very close but this trip was the best trip I ever went on, definitely one for the books. I cherish and appreciate my parents even more now because of this experience. I do not think I could ever repay them for all they have done for us and making such a big sacrifice to give my sister and I a better future. Love you Mommy and Daddy xo

Enjoy this picture gallery and my vlog of our trip below. Thank you to all that showed me love on my Instagram throughout my trip! Hope you enjoyed me spamming you guys with all the pictures!



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