Lashes make the difference

Lashes can make you look like a completely different person when you put them on! I think my before and after pictures speak for itself lol. In this picture I am wearing DESIRE by ESQIDO False Lashes

The band is thick enough to place on your lash line but not too difficult to put on. I am not that great in putting lashes on but the band was easy to shape to my eyes. What I love about this brand is that you can feel that this it is good quality. I have worn these lashes more than once and if maintained properly you can get many uses out of them. The eyelash glue dries on clear and it is strong enough for my watery/oil lids.

If you are in the market looking to try a new brand of lashes, I highly recommend you try a pair of ESQIDO False Lashes and you can even take a test to find the right pair for the look you are going for and eye shape.


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