Hollywood Facial: Environ DF Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion

About a month ago I got the Hollywood facial aka Environ DF Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion. You have probably heard celebrities get this facial before a big event like the Oscars or the Emmys. This was such an amazing and cool experience.
First step is to open up the pores and do extractions of course. In this first video they are applying cryroglobe to cool and calm the skin after extractions.
This next clip shows a patented device that uses sonophoresis and iontophoresis to effectively open up micro channels and allow for deep penetration of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and growth factors in the skin. It was a cool sensation, no pain involved but it felt like they were opening my pores to allow the vitamins into my skin in a deeper layer. During this time I saw lights and dots from the device but it was not intense and I had fair warning of what I would experience.
The last clip here shows the alginate mask is used to lock in and promote further penetration of active ingredients in the skin. Applied and left on skin for 20 minutes. Again I held onto a metal circle that ran the current through when the mask was applied and I again experienced the light sensation. It is very relaxing and normally even cover your mouth.

I let me skin rest for a few days and I did not apply makeup. I loved the final results and left my skin glowing and I saw an overall improvement on the texture of my skin. Visit www.gmaclinic.com to schedule your facial today xo


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