Headshot Heaven

I wrote the post below some time ago waiting for the perfect time to publish it. Today is bittersweet as I move out today and leave this beauty behind. Two years flew by just like that. They say you never truly know someone until you live with them- I must say this is very true. You get to see someone in the their natural habitat without their guards up. You see them everyday wether it is a good or bad day. It has been a pleasure coming home to her everyday. You are a beautiful soul with one of the most caring hearts I have come across. This is not goodbye, living with each other has made our friendship stronger. Even though I will still see you I just want to say thank you and I love you. 

Gah the tears!

Always wanted amazing self-portraits of yourself? I know the concept of photoshoots scare some people- myself included. I want a photographer I feel comfortable with and can make the experience fun and light-hearted. I am very fortunate to have my roommate be such an incredible photographer. Calyssa has an amazing energy and real creative eye. Her work speaks for itself. Here are some pictures for you to gander on. We shot these in our very own home and under 30 minutes! She will have another head shot promo soon. Her last one was such a success, don’t miss out. Which picture is your favourite? I would love to know xo

Calyssa Pickles



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