Eyelash Extensions

Hi everyone,

I recently went on vacation and wanted eyelash extensions in order to cut down on getting ready. I wanted something low maintenance, just putting sunscreen and tinted moisturizer and enjoying more time on the beach! =)

I got my eye lash extensions done by Beauty By Dexie. To my Toronto followers, she is located in the East End of Toronto/North York. Took book an appointment call her 1-647-466-1266. My followers will get 15% off a full set when you follow her social media pages and use the promo code LASH15. She will customize your lashes to your eye shape and of course your preference.

 I have gotten eyelash extensions before and it can be a painful experience if the technician does not isolated each eyelash individually. I did not feel discomfort or pain this time around. I wanted something natural and not too long. Dexie placed D curl and lengths 10, 11, 12. The process is approximately 2 hours long as the technician usually places 100-200 lashes on each eyelid.


 You can still wear makeup and eyeliner, just make sure you use *Oil-Free makeup remover*. It isn’t recommended you use mascara as it causes premature fallout. You will notice 1-2 eyelash fall out per day so don’t be alarmed. The extensions fall out with your natural eyelash. Eyelash extensions can last up to one month. You can get refills after 1-2 weeks to keep up with the fullness. I personally let the extensions naturally fall out before getting a new set so my real lashes can grow. If you want to remove them ladies I suggest not pulling them out! It is painful! Get them professionally removed so you do not pull out your natural lash.



I hope this review was helpful. Please follow my friend Dexie on all her social media pages and book your appointment with her. Remember to use promo LASH15 and tell her Dawne sent you =)





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