Birthday Fit

Every birthday for as long as I can remember I usually wear and do the same thing:  dress with hair long, down with waves or curls. This year especially I wanted to try something new and change it up. When I saw this two-pieve set on Sorelle UK website I knew this was my birthday outfit. This summer I have been wearing a lot of sets and crop tops and it being my favourite colour, I knew this would be a good look. I paired it with platform nude pumps to add some height since I am so short.

Sorelle UK rose gold two piece set

Hair was inspired by the talented Hair Artist Chris Appleton. He did this high half-up pony tail look on Kim Kardashian with super long hair and I fell in love. I love wearing my hair up, or hair away from my face to give my face that lift. Again I wanted to break my pattern of my hair all down so this was the look I was set on. I recently went to New York and made sure to make my way to The Hair Shop and picked up these 22 inch extensions! I love them so much. Special thanks to my girlfriend Nadia for make my hair goals come to life!

Got my face beat by the gods!!! My girlfriend Liv did such a great job, I could never do this to myself. I was texting her my outfit and asked her how I should do my makeup. She said BRONZE, no liner, glowy, bronze, nude lip! She wanted to glam me and here is it!! She taught me some tips to keep my makeup on all day and it definitely worked! I usually have an oily t-zone and will always be patting my nose throughout the day. I didn’t have to touch up or powder my nose at all that nigh. Trick is to bake your oily zone before putting any makeup on ladies!! It will be a trick I will use from now on.

I am pretty extra when it comes to my birthday and I definitely wanted to do a shoot for my birthday. Who else is super extra for their birthday? LOL My girlfriend Therese who is super talented photographer, captured these amazing shots of me. She was jet lagged and still managed to mission all the way uptown to snap these for me! I honestly have the greatest friends! I shot these in a museum in Toronto. I always wanted to shoot here and loved the colours and architecture. It rained all day and it stopped around 5:30 pm, I was so lucky! I was worried all week and was so upset during the day when it started to pour, and it POURED. Funny how things always work out in the end.

Hope you loved this look as much as I do. I must say it is my favourite birthday look thus far. I say if you are looking for inspiration for your birthday look, do something you have never done before. Go out of your comfort zone and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

29 here I come. Looking forward to this year and what it has in store for me. Thank you to all that greeted me with all the wonderful messages. I love you guys and can’t wait to continue to blog and do what I love to do.




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